Midterm Monitoring Workshop: GenderNET+ Partners Meet with Project Coordinators of 13 Co-Funded Projects

On April 22 GenderNET+ convened with the project coordinators from its 13 co-funded projects to discuss current progress and achievements towards gender integration.

The projects span a wide range of subjects each with exciting implications in the field of gender and research and a huge impact on society. Every project that presented also provided analysis of their research teams and partners, ensuring the involvement of gender experts and researchers of different academic backgrounds.


These projects stand to have a great impact on the medical and scientific community and further, on the general population. From identifying the grave risks with prescribing cascades especially among elderly women to identifying risk factors for severe and chronic tinnitus, exploring the role sex plays in immune related adverse events in cancer treatment to groundbreaking addiction research, these projects are producing work that has the potential to drastically improve care in the health and medical sphere.

Several GenderNET+ projects are also using interdisciplinary approaches to tackle issues of gender-based violence. One project is taking a multilateral approach to the issue of female genital mutilation by analyzing policy and creating materials and trainings so that healthcare professionals have the tools to provide sensitive, informed, and thoughtful care. Another project is researching sexual and gender-based violence committed against refugee and migrant women using an intersectional approach in order to provide policy recommendations to fight against this issue. Adding to the sphere of research on gender-based violence, the discourses of young people around masculinities and how those discourses relate to their attitudes around violence against women are also being researched by a GenderNET+ project.

In addition to the projects focusing on health and those focusing on the battle against gender-based violence, GenderNET+ also had the pleasure of hearing about more exploratory research around a number of subjects like climate change, research on social exclusion, entrepreneurship, and cultural perspectives on aging and masculinity in film and literature. These projects are using innovative research methods, integrating the gender dimension

GenderNET+ is incredibly proud of the expansive research and immense progress that’s been made by the co-funded projects despite challenges faced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and is looking forward to the publishing of upcoming project results. To follow along with each project’s progress check the GenderNET+ website for updates on study results and publications.

To download the introductory presentation by MICINN team, click here.

More details on each project can be found here.