Funded Projects

FUTUREGEN Evolving gender differences in health & care across cohorts
GBV-MIG Violence against women migrants and refugees: Analysing causes and effective policy response
G-DEFINER Gender difference in side effects of immunotherapy: a possible clue to optimize cancer treatment
GENDER-ARP Addiction, Health Risks and Recovery in Context of Social Precarity:  How to Better Address Complex Needs Taking into Account Gender and Life Stages
GENPATH A life course perspective on the GENdered PATHways of social exclusion in later life, and its consequences for health and wellbeing
GENRE Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Gender Divide: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
GOING-FWD Gender Outcomes INternational Group: to Further Well-being Development
iKASCADE Identifying Key Prescribing CASCADes in the Elderly: A Transnational Initiative on Drug Safety
MASCAGE Gendering Age: Representations of Masculinities and Ageing in Contemporary European Literatures and Cinemas
PositivMas Masculinities and violence against women among young people- Identifying discourses and developing strategies for change using a mixed method approach
RHCforFGC Sharing Actions and Strategies for Respectful and Equitable Health Care for Women with FGC/M
SEQUAL Social-ecological relations and gender equality: Dynamics and processes for transformational change across scales.
TIGER The combined role of genetic and environmental risk factors in the gender-specific development of severe tinnitus

List of selected projects