GENDER-NET Plus Policy Brief : New international recommendations to promote gender equality in research funding

The international GENDER-NET Plus consortium calls on all Research Funding Organisations to take concerted action to contribute towards gender equality and diversity in higher education and research.

To this end, GENDER-NET Plus puts forward a Policy Brief with recommendations to promote gender equality in research funding. (Lead agency for the brief: Swedish Research Council). 

The recommendations are directed mainly towards research funders, and are grouped in six sections. The first section is directed also towards national governments and international organisations.

  1. Government instructions
  2. Research Funding Organisation Gender Equality Plan
  3. Gender balance in decision-making bodies and evaluation panels
  4. Monitor gender data and publish the results
  5. Increase applications from and funding to women researchers
  6. Generally improve transparency in research funding

Read and download the policy brief:

Policy Brief Gender-Net Plus 2022-02-01