GENDER-NET Plus Final General Assembly Meeting! Paris 5-6 June 2023

On June 5-6, 2023, the CNRS (coordinator) had the pleasure of convening the last General Assembly of GENDER-NET Plus in Paris. Consortium members discussed the remaining deliverables and possible plans for future collaboration.

The principal investigators of the 13 research projects co-funded by the GENDER-NET Plus project also attended the meeting and intervened online. They presented a joint statement encouraging research funding agencies to continue and strengthen such initiatives to consolidate this emerging interdisciplinary research community and to strengthen and disseminate scientific expertise on IGAR (Integrating the Gender Analysis in Research). They also shared key findings from their projects and outlined avenues for future research.

GENDER-NET Plus has successfully provided a unique opportunity to conduct transnational, interdisciplinary projects that integrate the gender dimension into research. All 13 research projects have produced innovative scientific results with great societal impact. In addition, new knowledge and methods for integrating sex, gender and intersectionality in research have been developed.

Consortium members are proud of these achievements and recognize the great leverage that this type of transnational and interdisciplinary joint call represents in promoting the integration of the gender dimension in research content across disciplines.

In addition, the collaboration between research funding organizations also served as an impetus for the development of specific actions throughout the whole research funding cycle to advance IGAR.

Following this exchange, consortium members identified opportunities for future collaboration and are currently exploring potential options.